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E-DigitalDentistry is an independent, not sponsored, platform created by passionate clinicians and dental technicians that believe in
professional growth by sharing experiences with validated systems and protocols.

Digital technology finds useful implementation in the fields of DIAGNOSTICS, TREATMENT PLANNING, GUIDANCE and CAD/CAM and DESIGN.
Want to become a digital specialist? Bring together your team and learn how to design, plan and perform your patients individual best case scenario in a predictable way. Are you already digitized but feel that there is still so much to discover? We fully agree!
"As a clinician to see how files are handled in CAD software and how design is transformed into product was an eye opener and it was at the basis of several never thought of strategies for mucogingival surgery and there are hundreds of ideas still to explore," says Dr. Jakob Zwaan.
Join and discuss with us, we are happy to learn from you.

Latest courses

“It is our mission to cover 360° of the dental digital workflow for both clinicians and technicians. We have set up a logical first approach sequence for teams that are entering this exciting world now, but feel free to join us in this adventure at any point you want!”

  • Guided Soft Tissue Healing. Pontic areas. Augmentation

    A horizontal defect in the pontic area and gingival asymmetry of a periodontally compromised...

  • IOS practical demonstrations

    Daily practice based demonstrations of intraoral scans that show strategies for scanning and how...

  • Dynamic Navigation

    Understand how Dynamic Navigation works. All the steps demonstrated from CBCT to planning...

  • Guided Soft Tissue Healing. Crown Lengthening

    Guided Soft Tissue Healing applies digital technology to predefine the pink architecture in...

  • Dental Radiological Imaging

    Deeper up to date insights in the technological aspects and hardware and software features of...

  • IOS for Prosthodontists

    For a long time the accuracy of IOS was insufficient to compete with the very high standards that...

  • CAD Design a mock-up

    Mock-ups are very helpful to understand potential improvements and treatment limits before...

  • Photography. Postproduction Perfection

    Shooting the perfect picture in a clinical setting is often just not possible, and in the lab,...

  • Design Your Patient's New Smile

    Several programs exist for 2D smile renders. Practice the procedure yourself with free of charge...

  • Full Arch CAD on Implants

    Multiple purpose CAD design a full arch on implants. Abutments, tooth shapes, occlusion and soft...

  • Guided Surgery Solutions

    Dedicated software for high accuracy diagnosis and implant treatment planning as well as the...

  • Dental 3D imaging. An Overview

    Various data sources like radiological, intraoral and face scanners are involved in building the...

  • The Virtual Patient

    All necessary information collected in one virtual environment. Face and intraoral scans,...

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“Every lecturer/speaker on this platform is a distinguished specialist in the field of the subject treated.”

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